OTC (Over the counter) drugs are medicines that you can buy anytime without a prescription i.e. Aspirin, Paracetamol. Some OTC medicines relieve pains and itches, they include ibuprofen, naproxen, etc. Some only alleviate symptoms while others treat diseases, like Back Pain and Constipation. Other OTC drugs help tackle often-repeating problems, like headaches and seasonal allergies. As Food and Drug Administration decides what medicines can be used as OTC and what cant, you can take them without any fear of harmful consequences.

What Medical Conditions do OTC Drugs Treat?

They can treat minor pains and itches, cold, fever, different allergies, and sore throat, etc. Over the counter drugs are sold with generic formula names as well as brand names. Both generic, and brand names can be trusted if they contain the desired concentrations of the ingredients and are said to have the same effects on the body.
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But you also need to be cautious while taking OTC drugs. There are some health risks associated with Over the counter drugs as well. Many of them are unsafe for pregnant women and should be taken only with your doctor’s consent. Also, be cautious when giving OTC drugs to children. Make sure you don’t over dose your child. Also, while giving them liquid medicines, avoid using table spoons. Rather, use a dosing spoon that comes with the medicine.

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