Wild Thera Sleep Aid

  • CONCENTRATED NON-GMO HERBAL BALM. A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY. NO WATER, NO ALCOHOL, NO CHEMICALS OR STABILIZERS. Herbal Rub with Aromatherapy Benefits. No petroleum by-products, No Harmful Preservatives, No Parabens, No PCB, No Sulfates, No Toluene, No Artificial Colors, No Artificial Fragrances.
  • SAFE & EFFECTIVE INGREDIENTS like Organic Chamomile, Organic Clary Sage, Valerian, Organic Lemon Balm, Organic Lavender. Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the highest purity and Beeswax deliver targeted benefits.
  • NON-HABIT FORMING. Our blend of traditional herbs creates an effect that is Non-Toxic and No Harsh Side Effects.
  • COOLS, SOOTHES & CALMS with healthy and natural oils, essential oils and herbs while helping you feel relaxes fast. Can be combined for Holistic Health with Acupuncture, Acupressure, Foot Massage, Chamomile Tea, Sleep Tea, Earplugs, Sleep Aids, Sleeping Mat, Nasal Strips, Sleeping Pills and more.
  • MADE IN THE USA. NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS. We offer a variety of Natural & Organic Herbal Balms.


Create products to help the body come back to a balanced state of health. We have formulated and developed products that help support your well being.

Healthy living is a state of being that has to be maintained constantly. There are a lot of therapeutic options out there and many of them are effective for different ailments, issues and problems.

Our goal was to develop a line of healing therapy products that combine traditional natural herbal knowledge with modern science. Modern families are busy and care about the quality of the products that they use. That’s why we strive to ensure that our products are made with excellent ingredients, combine traditional and modern techniques, and provide natural, safe and powerful solutions.

Safety Information

Do not apply to deep wounds or punctured skin. In case of irritation, discontinue use and consult your physician.


Natural Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Natural Almond Oil, Natural Castor Oil, Natural Beeswax, Organic Chamomile, Organic Valerian, Organic Catnip, Organic Lavender, Organic Lemon Balm, Organic Passionflower, Organic Skullcap, Organic Rose, Organic Rosemary, Natural Essential Oil Blend, Natural Non-GMO Vitamin E. No Petroleum, Paraben or Chemicals. No Animal Testing. Non-GMO. MADE in USA


Gently massage into temples, forehead and upper lip a few minutes prior to sleeping. Made in USA


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